Glen Shinn - Music Director

Glen was born and raised in Akron, Ohio home of LeBron James and the Goodyear Tire. He is currently the Elementary Music Teacher at Theodore Potter School 74.  He is also a supervisor for Live Nation in Indianapolis. He plays the guitar, violin, and loves to sing. He believes that God has given him the opportunity to minister to people in a variety of ways through both music and his word. 

He comes from a home that includes his father Jerry,  mother Sonia,  younger sister Caitlin, and his Uncle Glen who he is named after. His Uncle Glen is mentally handicapped and moved in with the family shortly after his Grandmother past away and his Grandfather was unable to take care of him. He has been a blessing in our lives and always knows how to put a smile on our faces.

Glen is thankful to Chesterfield Christian Church for welcoming him and making him a part of the church family  He says that it is great to have a Bible believing church that stands firmly on God's word. 


Phone:  765-378-7896